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Found this fantastic aerial photo on the website of the Royal Park Protection Group

They've been fighting to protect Royal Park for many years.

Royal Park, Melbourne
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Burke and Wills expedition monument in Royal Park with Melbourne skyline
Royal Park is the largest of Melbourne's inner city parks (181 hectares). It is located 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) north of the Melbourne Central Business District, Victoria, Australia, in the suburb of Parkville.

Royal Park was an important Aboriginal camping ground and fell within the territory of the Wurundjeri people, with whom John Batman made his infamous land deal in 1835. Described by Batman as being, ‘thinly timbered with gum and wattle and she-oak’, development and grazing on the site erased most of the original vegetation.

Royal Park is a remnant of a much larger reserve of 625 hectares (2,500 acres) set aside for recreation purposes by Governor Latrobe in 1854. On his last day in Melbourne he permanently reserved the area now known as Royal Park.

This Petition of Victorian residents implores the Legislative Assembly of Victoria to abandon plans for a costly and unsustainable East West Toll Road and Tunnel in favour of funding urgently needed public transport priorities including the Doncaster Rail Link.


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