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Spent a chunk of time today getting the LibreGraphicsDay miniconf call for participation ship shape.  It will take place on the 18th or 19th of January in Wellington, during the traditional feast of appetisers, the community organised streams known as miniconfs.

A lazy Saturday. Snoozing on the couch, now pondering the evening ahead. The week before me. But first, a look back to last weekend.

These people didn't come to LCA this year, and I keenly missed their presence. This post is a wishful plea to the universe that I might get to catch up with them somewhere sometime this year.

Janet Hawtin
Alli Russell
Kelly Yeoh
Kim Weatherall
Val Henson
Sulamita Garcia
Leslie Hawthorn is an amazing event. I did not truly appreciate this fact until LCA2009 in Hobart. I had a brilliant time at the conference, saw some good sessions, caught up with fantastic people, and generally basked in the giddy reality of a total lack of responsibility for anything.  Ghosts never mentioned the intoxicating feeling one has at the conference immediatly following the one you've organised.

Even still, I had my share of tasks...interspersed with frivolity and freedom.

Meaning to post for days. I've been doing so much else. Finally getting around to it now.


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