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Inkscape - full day workshop

I'm running a full day Inkscape workshop for ICT in Education Victoria on Wed 14 September 2011 at the Statewide Resources Centre in Carlton (150 Palmerston Street)

It's aimed at absolute beginners - new to Inkscape and new to vector drawing in general.

It's sub-titled Drawing across the Curriculum because most of the attendees will be school teachers, from primary and secondary schools. We'll be exploring where graphics fit in the curriculum and how a tool like Inkscape might be helpful to teachers themselves, and whether their students might also find it useful.

We'll be exploring the vast resource of wikimedia commons SVG files and openclipart - searching for graphics relevant to classroom practice, and modifying them for specific use.

The day will start with a tour of Inkscape's tools, and an introduction to vector drawing techniques, understanding objects, editing nodes, a look at the magic of the trace bitmap tool.

We'll then shift gears to delve into graphics in the classroom - brainstorm how drawing can be just as useful in maths as it is in art, how an image might illustrate a story, or a diagram might help get the message across in an essay.

We'll finish up by diving deep into wikimedia commons and open clipart - and hopefully we'll be sharing some of our work back to those websites too.