Deep into preparations for the Inkscape tutorial I'm giving at in Hobart in January, I've been practicing techniques and recording them using RecordMyDesktop. It is a Linux application that does exactly what it says, screencast and audio recording of what's happening on screen.  It works very well!

Garamond is a pretty font - especially the italic ampersandGaramond is a gorgeous font and one I have loved for a long long time.

It has a magnificent italic ampersand, and back in my mac days, I recall it having some lovely ornaments I was fond of using on the title pages of essays.

Pascal has posted on garamond.

An interesting read for closet typogeeks like me.

Seth Godin writes good stuff... I nearly always nod and learn something when reading his blog... he's made an audio file of his latest book and is selling it for US$1 on itunes, and audible is offering it for 'free' as a promotion.

I delivered a keynote!

Still can't quite believe it.  Hugely grateful to Bryant Patten of the National Center for Open Source in Education for the opportunity, and for having such faith in me.

I do hope the audience got something out of it.

slides and references - and I uploaded heaps of photos on flickr   


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