Garamond is a pretty font - especially the italic ampersandGaramond is a gorgeous font and one I have loved for a long long time.

It has a magnificent italic ampersand, and back in my mac days, I recall it having some lovely ornaments I was fond of using on the title pages of essays.

Pascal has posted on garamond.

An interesting read for closet typogeeks like me.

Seth Godin writes good stuff... I nearly always nod and learn something when reading his blog... he's made an audio file of his latest book and is selling it for US$1 on itunes, and audible is offering it for 'free' as a promotion.

I delivered a keynote!

Still can't quite believe it.  Hugely grateful to Bryant Patten of the National Center for Open Source in Education for the opportunity, and for having such faith in me.

I do hope the audience got something out of it.

slides and references - and I uploaded heaps of photos on flickr   

following some new people on twitter now... which prompted me to pop in here and do an update - which I've not done for a while...

As I've mentioned before - I have 3 blogs. I'm not too sure why - they do each have a slightly different focus.  This one, at has always been the most random, the most uncompromising.  The one least likely to make sense to anyone but me.

Travelling halfway around the world to speak at a conference - always a great opportunity to learn something new.

Dr Thornburg talked about a microbial fuel cell - that uses manure and salt water to generate electricity. Nice.

Imagine combining this with the OLPC... or other low watt computing devices... such as mobile internet gadgets and smart phones...


Poo Powered Computing - The PooPuter!  :)



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