I'm supposed to be writing a report on the VITTA conference. It was in November. I have hand written stream of consciousness notes, and a hacked up paraphrased prior report... and a bunch of stats - and am way past my deadline.

phew.  we made it.

think I'll sleep now.

for a week. 

linux.conf.au - Meet the Team

On Friday 21 Dec we sold out of tix for linux.conf.au 2008. We only had 500 to sell and clearly that's just not enough. It's already a big conference. We've reserved 100 spots for speakers, mini-conf organisers and the media. Volunteers aren't counted inside the 600 limit our keynote venue holds...  the team will meet today to discuss options re: over subscribing, or issuing tickets that don't give access to the keynotes.


deep breaths - the VITTA (http://www.vitta.org.au) conference opens on Monday. It has nothing in common with linux.conf.au (http://linux.conf.au) other than the fact I'm organising both conferences, and they both have something to do with IT.  Albeit at very different ends of the scale.  


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