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Registrations are open for 2011 and the Open Source Developers Conference 2010 and I'm speaking at both about Inkscape.

OSDC 2010 will be held at The Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne on the 24-26 November.

Beginning Inkscape - Apress BooksI've been slack lately.  My editor, Michelle Lowman, found me at DrupalCon and kicked me up the proverbial to get my act together and FINISH THE DAMN BOOK. Which book? Beginning Inkscape.  An intro level guide to using Inkscape.

I've been crazy busy of late, and seem to be suffering the same fate as others in that I'm using micro-blogs for the quick updates and burning need to express those 'top-of-mind' thoughts, rather than posting here to - Ah well.

Not that you care. I don't imagine these rare postings of mine are missed much by anyone! :)

So what have I been up to? Conferences. Again.  Ya'd think I would have learnt to keep away from these unmitigated stress-fests by now. Oh no. Not me. Never learn, Can't be told.

Entries closed and voting is open for the about screen contest for the next release of Inkscape.  There are 36 entries, some of them representing hours of dedicated artistry by their creators, others flashes of inspiration quickly rendered with our favourite tool.

I've picked 9 of the 36 for my own personal shortlist... but I can only vote for one - which will it be?  What do you think?

View all 36 here - and create an account to vote!

Inkscape - the best open source vector graphic editor in the whole wide worldThe amazing team that build my favourite Open Source software application, Inkscape, have bunkered down in preparation for a new release.


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