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Donna speaking in front of a large screen showing a survey and colourful graph. Photo Credit: Josh Simmons
I love free software, but sometimes, I feel, that free software does not love me.
Why is it so hard to use? Why is it still so buggy? Why do the things I can do simply with other tools, take so much effort? Why is the documentation so inscrutable?  Why have all the config settings been removed from the GUI? Why does this HowTo assume I can find a config file, and edit it with VI? Do I have to learn to use VI before I can stop my window manager getting in the way of the application I’m trying to use?
Tis a mystery.

You will almost certainly need a visa  if you are overseas and planning to travel to Australia to come to one of these awesome geeky events: ballarat 2012

I am right now, at this very minute, registering for in Ballarat in January. Creating my planet feed. Yep. Uhuh.

Should write in detail. But it's late on day 1 of LCA - so just putting up the background notes, and the slides for today's talk at the Haecksen miniconf.

Download the slides


When the furore over the haecksen t-shirts broke out, a suggestion rippled through the 'verse that we should create our own bootleg t-shirts.

Here's my version. [available for sale at RedBubble]


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